Aerotrike2 Construction

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Images From The Construction Season

Niels had the fuselage from a Rutan Quickie. This is a kit airplane which had been decertified by the FAA. Decertified or not, this particular one was not airworthy. The fiberglass work was substandard, and certainly not worth risking your life over.

Niels was interested in making this into a combination bicycle (or trike) and electric vehicle. A strictly electric vehicle would entail some legal and safety requirements which would be onerous to achieve. But a bicycle with electrical assist can be done much more easily and doesn't require a license to drive.

Neils was not sure about how to make a bike, and asked Dave and me for advice. I looked at the fuselage and quickly thought of the Quadraped. Sure enough, when we checked the dimensions, it was very close to ideal. That would provide an excellent frame to build upon, with almost everything except the electric drive.

The first order of business was to flense away the belly blubber from the fuselage to make room for the Quadraped. reciproflenser Niels Niels
reciproflenser This work can get stressful. simulate Let's see what it will look like when it is done.

No whales were harmed making this vehicle.

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