My Favorite Black Hole

There are some common misconceptions about black holes. And often these misconceptions are taught as fact in the schools. My favorite among these is the contention that if you got close to a black hole it would tear your body apart by the differential gravity.

The reason people think this is that it is true for the most common size of black hole. But not for all black holes. But before we explore that idea lets nail down some basics. I will only use two digits of accuracy, because I am dealing with concepts here. If you needed to navigate a starship on these calculations you would need to worry about more digits. And due to the awkwardness of showing exponents on a web page I will use engineering notation: 2.0E5 means 2.0 times (10 to the 5th power), or 100,000.

Copyright © 2009 C Allen Brown

Last modified 11 May 2009