Hot Metal: BlackSmith

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Photo Gallery

Dave banging Wall hanger Sieve
Dave hammers out a wall hook. The resulting wall hook. Claw made by Allen. Notice the knuckles.
Dave banging Ken banging Dave banging
It is helpful to have a few vices when you are a blacksmith. Ken carves a dragon. Dave twists the metal.
Coal fire Coal fire
Coal is very ugly when you first start it. The advantage of coal is that it burns very hot. After awhile it gets less ugly. He is using a hand cranked blower.

Ashland Ashland Ashland Ashland Blacksmithed/welded art seen in Ashland, Oregon. I'm guessing it was first pounded out as a blacksmith job. Then it was textured with a stick welder.

The base, shown in the fourth picture, clearly shows blacksmithing technique

Last modified 10 Dec 2006