Mousetrap Kinetic Sculpture Construction 2011

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Since the people who built the Mousetrap don't sew, rumor has it that the 32 purple wedges were hand sewn by mice during the night. And how else did those two 20 foot long zippers get there? Banners and Pockets and Flags and Triangles. Good and generous mice who worked to keep the wheels of life turning even as their creative suggestions are liberally dismissed. Always underfoot, those mice. But they left their mark--put their imprint on the triangles so folks would know them by their tails.

Construction in 2011

Mousetrap And we made the machine easier to put together. Here Anna Lynn is fitting the new Mousetrap axle so tubes fit well into it. Mousetrap In 2011 we focused on making Mousetrap easier to fit into luggage. So we made all the tubes collapsable to 2 ft [61 cm] long or less. Mousetrap Of course, we also had time for fun. Here is Ghost of Mousetrap.
Testing the fit of everything except for the outer race. Mousetrap Mousetrap Mousetrap More silliness... Mousetrap
Mousetrap Time for a float test. Here is Anna Lynn about to take a plunge. Mousetrap Mousetrap [left] We had a new, collapsable pole to test.

[right] The bublik leaks, so Rianna pumps it up.
Mousetrap Mousetrap Colleen took a turn pumping. And then we released it to float down the river. This was the 4th of July. Mousetrap Mousetrap Mousetrap
Mousetrap Mousetrap Mousetrap We definitely have a leak. Mousetrap Mousetrap
A few days later we are making further improvements. Here you can see just the center 'spider'. Mousetrap Mousetrap Pam made slow moving triangles for Mousetrap. Mousetrap Mousetrap

No mice were harmed making this Kinetic Sculpture Racer.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures above were taken by Allen Brown.

Copyright 2011 C. Allen Brown

Last modified 25 Jul 2011