Mousetrap Kinetic Sculpture at DaVinci Days 2011

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DaVinci Days 2011

Mousetrap Song (Three Blind Mice)

Before the Race

Anna Lynn explaining the finer points of Mousetrap. Mousetrap This young girl is a friend of mine. She modeled my KangaRex helmet and then sat in my Spinner. KangaRex hat Spinner
Anna Lynn and Allen assembling Mousetrap - photos in this row by Pam Hood-Szivek Mousetrap
Mousetrap And just playing. Allen Brown
Allen Brown Allen
Becky is talking with Anna Lynn. Becky was one of the original Rex team members back in 1996. [left]

Dave Neiman was on the Rex team many years, right up to Rex's death in 2009. [right]

photos by Pam Hood-Szivek
Anna Lynn Anna Lynn in Mousetrap [left]

Her boyfriend, Robert, is the pit crew [right]

photos by Pam Hood-Szivek

Road and Sand race

Dragon A dragon [left]

Whirled Peas and Queen Bubblicious [right]
Whirled Peas and Queen Bubblicious FunGuys FunGuys [left]

Not So Human Cannon Ball [right]
Cannon Ball
Tomato Tomato [left]

Dirigible [right]
Dirigible Newlydeads Newlydeads [left]

That's Peter driving an electric tractor. Not a race vehicle, but cool nevertheless. I don't know, but I suspect he made it himself. [right]
Electric tractor
Mousetrap on the road. The bubliks [pontoons] leaked. We pumped them up again every hundred yards or so. It was slow going. Mousetrap Mousetrap Mousetrap zipped over the sand so fast if you blinked you missed it. Mousetrap Mousetrap
It was clear we were not going to cross the finish line before it closed. That meant we would not get a Leo award, so we were free to trade off pilots. Here Robert ran it part of the time. Mousetrap The pilot can see through the material she walks on; what we call the 'race' material. Mousetrap Mousetrap crossing finish line on the first day. There will be another finish line on the second day. Mousetrap
Here you can see how we turn Mousetrap. Anna Lynn lifts Mousetrap and swivels. Mousetrap Mousetrap Anna It's hard work. Anna Lynn is very tired. The Mud and River race is scheduled for the next day. Robert, David [Anna Lynn's dad], and I took Mousetrap home to my house to patch the leak.

Mud and River race

Coop Coop [left]

Whirled Peas [right]
Their song was 'All We Are Saying, Is Give Peas A Chance'.
Whirled Peas Rainbow Under the Rainbow [left]

Jerri got all muddy helping one of the race vehicles [right]
Mousetrap was one of the fastest vehicles in the mud. Anna Lynn got covered with mud. Mousetrap Mousetrap Mousetrap The following photo is © Copyright 2011 Robert Hearn Mousetrap
Mousetrap Hosing down Mousetrap after the mud. Picture on left is © Copyright 2011 Robert Hearn Mousetrap Mousetrap Anna Lynn and me [Allen Brown] posing with a hosed down Mousetrap. © Copyright 2011 Robert Hearn The race officials recommended that we not race due to the river being rather high and fast. Actually we had done a river test the week before, so it wasn't that bad. But we had leaky bubliks [pontoons]. So Mousetrap didn't continue the race.

We got two awards

Relaxing after the race

DaVinci Days has some delightful activities beyond the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Here is a booth where you can build your own UAV [Underwater Autonomous Vehicle]. OK, so it's not autonomous. But you can get the feel for how it would run if it was. UAV UAV
It rained all weekend. The up side of that is that it makes for nice photos. Rain drops on plant leaves. leaves leaves

No mice were harmed making this Kinetic Sculpture Racer.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures above were taken by Allen Brown.

Copyright 2011 C. Allen Brown

Last modified 24 Aug 2011