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Please read this poem, 'Cheney Rove Treason'. I didn't write it. But it is printed on this web site with permission from the author.

Liberal or Conservative?

For longer than I've been around the political landscape in the USA has been characterized one-dimensionally. You were either Liberal, or Conservative or somewhere in between. I consider this characterization bone-headed since it links unrelated beliefs together. In any case, the neo-cons have perverted the term conservative so that it no longer has any consistent meaning.

In summary I consider myself a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

Our 2006 Election

Hooray for the people! I honestly didn't think this was possible. The neo-cons had corrupted so much of the election process that I wasn't sure that even a landslide away from the Republicans would lose them the election. I refer especially to Diebold and all the election machines they manufacture. Those machines are designed to be able to dial in any election results you want, independent of how the people vote. The 2004 election of George W Bush was fraudulent. He lost the election. But in the states where Diebold equipment was used to talley the vote, those doctored results showed Bush winning. The worst case of this was Ohio. Exit polls different substantially from the vote talley.

This interview, , is a good summary of the issues involved.

But it appears that this time the scum bags underestimated how much they would have to doctor the election to get the results they wanted. And the Republicans lost despite the doctoring.

But we are not out of danger yet. As long as those scum bags can continue to doctor the votes our country is in dire danger. We must secure the election machinery against tampering.

Secure voting machines must have all of the following:

I will close this section with a quote:

Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. --- Joseph Stalin.

Political Parties

You might conclude that I am a Democrat because I am celebrating the election where the Democrats got control of the Senate and the House back from the Republicans. Well, its not that simple.

What I really think is

I don't really vote Democratic. I vote against the Republicans. And I wish they would both go away so we could get some new parties with new ideas. I regret that the USA is stuck in a de-facto two party system. I think our system would be a lot more healthy if we had five parties, all competing and all cooperating.

If I had to pick a party I agree with more than any others it would be the Green Party. But they don't have a chance against the Republicans. And Republicans are horribly damaging to the USA and the world. So I hold my nose and vote Democratic.

Political Future and the Neo-cons

I fear for the future of the USA. This 2006 election is not enough to save us. The neo-cons control the Supreme Court. And no election will change that. Those judges will just have to die off. It will take time. And I'm not sure the USA will survive long enough to see that happen.

And the problem? The neo-cons.

The neo-cons do not believe in democracy or freedom. What they believe in is aristocracy. The aristocrats have the power and the freedom. Everyone else is a serf. The neo-cons also have no regard for legal process. This all makes it very difficult to remove them without bloodshed. Even with bloodshed!

Thus I was very suprised at the latest election. But I am not convinced they have been defeated. I fear their return to power. They still control the Supreme Court. And they still control the voting machines in several states.

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