Sojourner at the Corvallis Da Vinci Days Kinetic Sculpture Race 2006

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Despite major efforts to get Sojourner race ready, we did not succeed. We got Sojourner moving, slowly, after the Kinetic Sculpture race had already concluded and the finish line taken down. And we did take Sojourner to the Art Judging before the race started. Of course, we had to push it rather than drive it. At the end of the race we decided to drive Sojourner across the finish line anyway, capturing the event on camera.

Zeroth Day - Art Judging and Pagentry

We trailered Sojourner to the art and pagentry judging. Anna, Hanna, and April were our Martians. The four of us sang our song.

Sojourner at Da Vinci Days 2006

by Dave Regan Sojourner Aliens consider an earthling lifeform.
[Picture by Dave Regan]
Sojourner Aliens, Anna and Hanna, assist our Kinetic Lawyer.
[picture by Andy Purviance]
by Andy Purviance
Our Kinetic Lawyer poses with Sojourner.
[Picture by Dave Regan]
by Dave Regan by Andy Purviance Sojourner Kinetic Lawyer Conrad explains the finer points of Kinetic Law and how this applies to Sojourner.
[picture by Andy Purviance]

Sojourner legal argument.

First Day - Parade, Road and Sand

Anna and April are two our Sojourner Aliens, shown here in the Tadpole.
[picture by Andy Purviance]
by Andy Purviance by Andy Purviance

Second Day - Mud and River

Sojourner Gary debugging Sojourner in my driveway
[Picture by Allen Brown]
Riding Sojourner across the finish line. Allen in front, Gary in back.
[Picture by Dave Neiman]

Award Ceremony

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