Kinetic Sculpture: Upgrading the pontoon valves

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Creek Company sells some inexpensive single person pontoon boats. I use the pontoons and some of the boat to add pontoons to my Spinners and other small craft. But the valves on the pontoons are cheap, so I replace them with higher quality Halkey-Roberts valves. These are valves which are compatible with the ones used on Rex.

Spinner Valve I cut the stiff disk free of the old valve. I will need that for the new valve. The old valve is carefully cut as shown from the pontoon bladder. The disk and the two parts of the old valve are shown. [left] Spinner Valve The two new valve halves are shown. [left]
The black disk must be trimmed to fit the larger size of the new valve. Spinner Valve Spinner Valve Spinner Valve
The black fabric is cut back further than the clear plastic. That is because the clear plastic will form an airtight seal and the fabric won't. Spinner Valve Spinner Valve Spinner Valve
Assemble the parts. Back valve; bladder; black disk; front valve.
Shown is a custom tool for tightening the valve.
Spinner Valve Spinner Valve Spinner Valve
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