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the Spinner Tricycle

Spinners were invented by Dwayne Flatmo and Ken Beidelman of Arcata California. They invented a game of trike polo, and the trikes to go along with it. The intention was to have vehicles which could turn very sharply and which would leave one hand free to work the polo stick, at least most of the time.

I encountered the Spinners when I traveled to the Arcata-Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race for the first time in 1999. I took these pictures, and there it sat for several years.

Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner

And then in 2003 I made the annotiations in the pictures above. Dave Neiman and I started construction of our first Spinner. It took the better part of the year. We were taking our time! Also we were making a lot of mistakes, which forced us to cut things out and rebuild them.

Spinner Construction Spinner Construction Here we see the basic frame being assembled. Of course, we used the seat design and jig I had developed. In these pictures the jig is still holding the seat tubes in place.

Unfortunately those are the only pictures I have of the construction of the Spinner. I guess I was too distracted to take pictures. :-)

Year 2005

In 2005 the Spinner is functional. Construction Construction
We decorated the spinner as a Tadpole to go along with Frogasaurus Rex. We then paraded with it in the Corvallis Procession of the Species. Dave rides the spinner Tadpole Decoration Parade
Repairs. Grinding Time for repairs and improvements. Stripped down almost to the frame. David grinds on the frame.
Allen and David working on the spinner. The chain tensioner is hanging down from the pedal boom Construction Chain tensioner
Space for the chain The left wheel well had to be adjusted to make space for the chain. The sunshade frame is welded from conduit. It is clamped on with hose clamps. Finally we stretch a loose mesh across the top. Sunshade frame
Allen and Dave are working on the spinner. Construction Spinner Construction
Spinner Test Spinner Test We both had to test the Spinner in the driveway.
And then let others try it out. Spinner Test Spinner Play
Spinner On Display Showing off the Spinner at OMSI and then the Starlight Parade in Portland. Spinner Parading
But the sunroof was too low and was constantly rubbing our heads. Dave welds on it, raising it a couple of inches. raising the roof raising the roof
lessons The spinner is used as a training excercise. Gary lights the torch as April and Anna look on. April practices. lessons
Ugh Uh... Maybe not.
The next few pictures: Spinner steering cable route.
steering cable
steering cable steering cable steering cable
electric spinner Try installing a motor drive on the Spinner. Use the Sojourner motor and transmission.
And then drive it around without pedaling.
electric spinner

Year 2006

She's not going to let her size stop her from riding the Spinner. Kids like it Kids like it

Year 2007

Fiberglass Using fiberglass to make a mount for a Spinner solar panel. And a fender for the Quadraped. Fiberglass

Year 2008

The Raiderbots Robotics Team attended the OSU Engineering Expo. Unfortunately they didn't show off their robot. But as things were winding down I let the students, and a parent, ride the Spinner. Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner
The Spinner has always used an ordinary derailer as a chain tensioner. In 2008 I explored a new design. A bungie cord is used to extend a drawer slide. A chain idler is attached to the drawer slide. The derailer I am replacing [left]. The new tensioner [right].
This provides better tension and much wider range of motion. Because of that we can adjust for a much wider range of leg lengths. chain tensioner chain tensioner chain tensioner chain tensioner
The next project for the Spinner was to make it amphibious. First came the pontoons. Here I test float it. The river is very high, so I dare not float free. I used a rope tied to the nearest solid object, a Sheriff's SUV. The Sheriff never noticed. floating Spinner floating Spinner floating Spinner That walkway behind me is normally well clear of the water!
[Pictures by anonymous random passer-by.]
Spinner Everywhere I go with the Spinner it attracts attention. Melinda is a woman I met downtown while returning from the float test. She was interested in taking the Spinner for a ride The next thing to do was to add propulsion. I figured human power would take too long. So instead I added a mount point for an electric trolling motor. Spinner Float test the Spinner in Gary's pond.
[Picture by Dave Neiman.]

We took the Spinner to the Portland Starlight Parade.

Before the Parade started I let people ride the Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner
Spinner At the Portland Starlight Parade I lured this lovely woman to try out the Spinner. She is a member of the We were invited to attend the Science Factory biking event. They had a pond where we could show off our amphibious vehicles. We let folks take rides in the Spinner. floating Spinner

And just for fun others took rides.

Clara Lindsey Anna

Year 2009

Spinner Spinner Gardener's daughter with Spinner.
Pam on Spinner Pam and Steve take breaks from Aluminum Casting and ride the Spinner Spinner
Spinner Taking the Spinner for a spin. This video shows the tight turning radius for the Spinner. Deb's daughter is riding it in the video and both of these photos. Spinner
Katie's friends ride the Spinner.
Spinner Spinner
Spinner Spinner
Riders in the Spinner: Quinten and Rosanna [left] and two brothers from Canada [right] Spinner1

Events in 2009

With the death of Rex, and the Spinner therefore no longer overshadowed by that showey Kinetic Sculpture Racer, the original Spinner has been called into service.

Port Townsend Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race Oct 2-4

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