Kinetic Sculpture: Spinner2 -- Anna's Spinner

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the Spinner Tricycles

Anna asked me to be her mentor for her senior project. And the senior project would be to build a Spinner. With a plan like that how could I refuse?

The first thing we did was to make wooden jigging to hold the bike parts in the right places while we weld them. Well, actually while she welds them. She insists on doing all of the welds. I love her enthusiasm.

First we made the wooden jigging. This was in March. Anna Anna Anna Anna
By April she was welding parts together. Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna
Testing the seat in August. Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner
It's really beginning to look like a spinner. Spinner Spinner Allen burning paint from the frame.
Running out of parts, we cannibalized Anna's conventional bike. Anna Spinner Fitting the jackshaft. And the controls. Spinner Spinner
Oops. Looks like we are going to have to move that steering pulley mount. Spinner Spinner It was a bit of a distraction, but Anna's friends Lindsay and Rosanna came over. Lindsay read to us while we worked. Rosanna
Anna fitting the derailer/chain tensioner in September. Spinner

October thru November

Anna welding on her senior project, Spinner 2. Spinner2 Spinner2 Spinner2
Spinner2 Spinner2 Anna got paint on her pants while painting the Spinner 2 [left]

We used waterless hand cleaner to remove the paint while it was still wet. It worked well. Of course we then had to launder the pants to get the hand cleaner out. [right] Anna is modeling her jacket as a skirt while her pants are inthe laundry.
Spinner2 Anna doing final assembly. That's Lindsay in the background. [left]

Anna test driving Spinner2. No brakes or gear shift yet, but so what? [right]
Spinner2 Spinner2
Anna and I each test drive it.

In the far right picture Anna restrings the steering cable.
Spinner2 Spinner2 Spinner2

With the restringing of the cable and the connection of the other cables, Anna's project was completed. This was near the end of November on the 27th. We were planning to take the two Spinners to the Xmas parade later that evening, but I got sick and we cancelled. So the public debut will have to be some other event.

Anna did most of the work. I provided guidance and the shop. I helped with cutting and grinding. But there is at least one task which Anna insisted on doing totally herself: welding. And she did it well. The welding class she took at the local community college LBCC served her well.

This is a most excellent senior project. She will be the envy of her high school.

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