Kinetic Sculpture: Spinner trikes

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the Spinner Tricycles

Spinners were invented by Dwayne Flatmo and Ken Beidelman of Arcata California. They invented a game of trike polo, and the trikes to go along with it. The intention was to have vehicles which could turn very sharply and which would leave one hand free to work the polo stick, at least most of the time.

I encountered the Spinners when I traveled to the Arcata-Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race for the first time in 1999. I took these pictures, and there it sat for several years.

Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner Arcata Spinner

And then in 2003 I made the annotations in the pictures above. Dave Neiman and I started construction of our first Spinner. It took the better part of the year. We were taking our time! Also we were making a lot of mistakes, which forced us to cut things out and rebuild them.

Spinner1/ Our first Spinner
Spinner2/ Spinner2: Anna's Spinner
Pontoons/ Upgrading cheap pontoon valves
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