FIRST Robotic Competition at CHS: PBasic simulator


The files here implement a simulator for the robotic pbasic code used in the CHS FIRST robot. This code is not exhaustively tested.


File Purpose
gpl.txt Copyright document for the following files: zipties.html, pb_translation, pb_math.c, pb_io.c, pb.h, testprog.c, pb2c, pbtest1.bsx, Makefile, zipties.tcl. Before you use these programs be sure you are familiar with this license.
zipties.html How to use the following.
pb_translation PBasic translation rules [incomplete].
pb_math.c The math library source.
pb_io.c The I/O library source.
pb_support.c The general library source.
pb.h The library include.
pbtest0.c , pbtest1.c , pbtest2.bsx Validation suites for the library.
pb2c Translator written in perl.
Makefile If you don't know what this is then you don't care.
DefaultProgram1stick.bsx Default PBasic program. This is the starter program the FIRST organization provided with the 2002 entry kit.
zipties.tcl GUI for exercising the compiled c simulator.
simulator.tar tar file of the directory [well, parts of it].

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Last modified 26 Aug 2006