FIRST Robotic Competition at CHS: Zipties Manual

Compiling and running the simulator

This code has been compiled and run on RedHat Linux 7.2, 7.3 and on Windoze ME. The following procedure is for Linux.

Step Description
make verify Runs a small validation suite on the library and translator.
t=zipcode1 This is the basename of the .bsx file to be simulated.
./pb2c $t.bsx > $t.c Compile pbasic to c.
cc -o $t pb_math.c pb_io.c pb_support.c $t.c Compile c to binary.
./zipties.tcl -e ./$t The TCL code calls our new binary.

The left side green field:

The black line shows the joystick position
The two red lines represent the tractor wheel speeds.

Last modified 26 Aug 2006