Frogasaurus Rex Kinetic Sculpture

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Public Events in 2006

Frogasaurus Rex lives! This is the longest running theme in Rex history.

Constructions 2006 Constructions of Rex Team.
All of 2006
Da Vinci Birthday Celebration Da Vinci Birthday Celebration.
2006 April 15
Olympia Procession of the Species Olympia Procession of the Species Parade
2006 April 29
Mt View Science Fair Mt View Science Fair
2006 May 10
Starlight Parade Starlight Parade in Portland Oregon
2006 June 3
Da Vinci Days Da Vinci Days in Corvallis
2006 July 14-16
Eugene HPV event Eugene HPV event.
2006 July 27
Eugene Celebration Parade Eugene Celebration Parade
Port Townsend Port Townsend KSR.
2006 October

Public Events in 2005

2005 was the busiest year for us yet. We went to more than 10 events for which I have pictures. And some events that I don't have pictures for. Here I only display the ones with pictures.

We also had a busy construction season.

Arcata-Ferndale 2005 The Arcata-Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture race of 2005
[unfortunately without Rex].
Constructions 2005 Constructions of Rex Team 2005.
Lincoln School 2005 Lincoln School 2005 visit by Rex Team.
Procession of the Species 2005 Corvallis Procession of the Species Parade 2005.
Starlight Parade 2005 Starlight Parade 2005 in Portland Oregon
Klamath Falls 2005<br>[Photo by Don Scott] Klamath Falls Kinetic Sculpture Race 2005
July 4th 2005 Rex at the Fourth of July Parade, Corvallis 2005.
River run 2005 Rex on a river run.
Philomath Frolic 2005 Philomath Frolic Parade 2005.
daVinci 2005 daVinci Days in Corvallis 2005.
Port Townsend 2005 Port Townsend KSR 2005.
Christmas Rex 2005 XmasRex at the Christmas Parade, Corvallis 2005.

Public Events in 2004

Frogasaurus Rex returned in 2004 to terrorize toy poodles and other small dogs everywhere.

Construction2004 Construction of Frogasaurus Rex 2004.
OMSI 2004 Rex at OMSI and The Starlight Parade, Portland 2004.
Buzzy in Rex Rafting with The Scalawags FIRST Robotics Team 1359
Clearlake 2004 Rex at Clearlake 2004.
July 4th 2004 Rex at the Fourth of July Parade, Corvallis 2004.
Philomath 2004 Rex at the Philomath Parade 2004.
daVinci 2004 daVinci Days in Corvallis 2004.
EugeneCelebration 2004 Frogasaurus Rex at Eugene Celebration 2004.
Pt Townsend 2004 Frogasaurus Rex at Port Townsend 2004.

Public Events in 2003

While working the lab late at night, Allen Brown, David Neiman, and Meg Green accidentally crossed frog DNA with T-Rex DNA. The result was... Frogasaurus Rex! It's no longer safe to walk near ponds at night.

colorized Construction of Frogasaurus Rex 2003.
July 4th 2003 Rex at the Fourth of July Parade, Corvallis 2003.
Clearlake 2003 Rex at the Clearlake California 2003.
[Photo courtesy of Denise Rockenstein, The Clearlake Observer-American.]
kissing the frog Rex at the Philomath Parade 2003.
Frogasaurus Rex Frogasaurus Rex at daVinci Days in Corvallis 2003.
EugeneCelebration 2003 Frogasaurus Rex at Eugene Celebration 2003.
Frog in mud Frogasaurus Rex at Port Townsend 2003.
Ventura 2003 Frogasaurus Rex at Ventura California 2003.

No frogs were harmed making this Kinetic Sculpture Racer.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures above were taken by Allen Brown.

Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005 C. Allen Brown

Last modified 25 Apr 2008