Platypus Rex Kinetic Sculpture in Arcata-Ferndale race 1996

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The Arcata-Ferndale race was the first time Rex raced. We got it working just in time for this Memorial Weekend race in California. It was also the first time Rod raced. And the first time I had raced Arcata.

This is a grueling race, covering 38 miles over three days. There are three water crossings, with one of them a mile long. There are about 13 miles of sand, most of it soft sand.

Platypus Rex Rod Inman and Allen Brown drive Platypus Rex triumphantly out of Arcata Bay.
Platypus Rex Platypus Rex Platypus Rex

Altho we never pushed Rex in the Arcata-Ferndale race and obeyed all the rules we didn't Ace. On the third day of the race we crossed the finish line 15 minutes after 5:00PM, when the race was closed.

The picture featured here was donated to me free of charge.

Copyright 2001 C. Allen Brown

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