Rex Death and Wake 2009

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Rex was fast in the water. After about a decade of leaving other racers in his wake, Rex has finally gone to that great rust heap in the sky. Yes, Rex is dead after 14 years of delighting children. So it was appropriate to hold a wake for Rex.


Probably not many people will be interested in viewing these photos. It's kind of like looking at disease. In fact, a lot like it. For a machine, rust is a disease.

This first photo was the critical break that signaled the death of Rex. It is where rust destroyed the frame tubing. Rex Rex Rex Rex
Rex Being able to poke a screw driver thru steel is a bad sign. [left] But you can see in the other photos that the destruction was widespread. The entire length of the tube was wasted. Rex Rex
The autopsy: Dave cut open a tube to see how had it was on the inside. Rex Rex Rex Rex

So we stripped the body.

Rex Rex Rex


And then we had a party to celebrate Rex's long wonderful 14 years. We thought about the thousands of rides we had given, delighting children all up and down the west coast.

Rex died on a high note. The day before Rex had Leo'ed the DaVinci Days Race. It was a challenging, but delightful race. Rex had to be welded together in the middle of the race, presaging his death. But that was enough to finish the race and drive him back home. Where he died. We should all wish for a life as meaningful and a death as appropriate.

Watch out for that psycho with the knife! Allen Rachel Shannon Shirley
Lindsay Anna Rachel Shirley Deborah
What's wrong Dave? Dave Neiman Eric Oh Lindsay
Steve Steve Sugar high! Rachel Rachel
Rachel Deb and Rachel Nice try. But I don't think it helped. Rachel Rachel

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures above were taken by Allen Brown.

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Last modified 8 Oct 2009